Three Reasons to Strengthen Your Community Communication

Jun 10, 2022 | Public Relations

Any thriving business, successful political movement, or stable association has solid and direct ties to the community in which it is located and serves. This connection to successfully coexist and help each other develop is vital to both the entity and the community. 

As the American population continues to diversify significantly with varying races and ethnic cultures, the need for more community outreach is imperative to progress the development between businesses and political entities and the community it serves. 

There are numerous compelling reasons why it is essential for any business, political movement, government entity, or association to strengthen their community bond with the minority population. 

Some of these fundamental reasons on why and how community outreach and understanding the communities of color could effectively assist businesses, associations, and local government with their goals are as follows: 

To Facilitate Open Communication and Understanding with the Community

As with any successful relationship, communication is vital. Open communication promotes understanding and allows both parties to cultivate trust. 

Since language is imperative in communication, businesses and local governments must make serious efforts to communicate with the communities of color in their native language; for example, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Bengali, etc.

Communicating with the community of color in their native tongue could effectively help to bridge the cultural gap and any discrepancies in translations. It also encourages the community to speak up and be understood in the language that they are comfortable communicating in, without having to curtail their thoughts in their limited knowledge of the English language.  

To Gain Insight into the Needs of the Community

Tied into the point made above, an advantage of having effective communication with the community is the ability of businesses and local government to gain insight into the needs of the community. 

By having open communication with its community, businesses, and local governments can directly and effectively direct questions and inquiries to the people it serves. Data and insights gathered through community outreach could allow the companies and local government officials to craft a better approach to serving the community. 

three communication points

To Foster a Partnership with the Community 

The word partnership is key to many successful businesses and effective political movements. By effectively facilitating community outreach, communication, and understanding, business and government entities can build a strong partnership with the community they serve. This means creating trust and a sense of commitment between the parties to support, protect, and correspond with each other. By having these qualities available to businesses and local governments in the community, they can effectively gain momentum to set forth their goals and plans for the community. 

As discussed above, the key advantages of having successful community outreach based on the understanding and partnership with communities of color are powerful tools for businesses, local governments, and associations to fulfill their goals with the support and protection of the community they serve. 

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  • Jaime Rojas

    Jaime Rojas is the Chief Communicator of Rojas Communications. A native Angelino, Jaime is a graduate of the University of Southern California and has over 25 years of local, state & federal experience in public affairs, public relations & marketing. Jaime served as a White House Intern under President Clinton, has worked for several major companies, and is the author of two books.