How Lobbying and Advocacy Can Effect Change

How Lobbying and Advocacy Can Effect Change

Influencing others, especially those in positions of power and with the strong support of allies, could affect fundamental societal changes. Generally, lobbying and advocacy are two ways to set forth interests or ideas to effect such change. However, it is essential...

Unified Command is Essential to Emergency Response

Unified Command is Essential to Emergency Response

Responding to emergencies requires a unified command from all key institutions. The unified command has a policy and infrastructure available for emergency command centers to effectively respond to fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, active shootings, criminal activity, or...

Water Conservation and The Need for Diverse Stakeholder Outreach

Water Conservation and The Need for Diverse Stakeholder Outreach

The need for water conservation is an important initiative for the entire community as it affects community members in various ways. After all, water use is an intimate part of each person’s daily life. However, despite water conservation being a genuine community...

California’s legislative process, simplified

As a corporation, small business, or a 501C3, it’s important to understand how the legislative process begins and ends. Should you ever be in the position of needing to push a bill through the legislative process or rectify a piece of legislation that isn’t in favor of your organization, you’ll know exactly what to expect via the process. 

Two reasons why monitoring state and federal legislation is critical to your business

It can be challenging for a business to track hundreds of thousands of measures considered across the country each year to determine which legislation would affect its bottom line. It would essentially require a person to scan through over 30,000 pages of text to determine if a bill would impact the business; this is what we specialize in at Rojas Communications Group.

Three key tactics that should be a part of your public affairs strategy

If your organization doesn’t have a readily available public affairs strategy, you must create one as soon as possible. 

A public affairs strategy will serve as the framework to align with your organization’s interests and key activities with stakeholders, who often impact policies and legislation that affect your operations. 

Five insider tips to build strong relationships with the media

Building strong relationships with the media is an imperative part of public relations for small businesses, government agencies, and corporations.  Especially during a time, like right now, where newsrooms are bare-bones - it makes it more difficult to land an...

Most effective time and day of the week to distribute press releases

As a business or government agency, it’s imperative that our communiques reach as many people as possible. One of the easiest and most cost-efficient methods to distribute news is via a press release. But, many agencies and businesses struggle with understanding when...